How your business can benefit from OHSAS 18001 certification

Have you been wondering whether you should go for OHSAS 18001 certification and if you will benefit from getting it? We will explore the benefits of doing so but first, what even is OHSAS 18001 certification? OHSAS 18001 certification is an internationally recognized standard for health & safety within organisations. It allows companies to implement… Read more »

The importance of ISO standards worldwide

Last week International World Standard day was celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of standardization in the global economy. It’s celebrated every year on the 14th October, so what better time to discuss why ISO standards are so important in the world, especially for safety and quality. Would you spend your money a new… Read more »

ISO 9001 Certification Body

As a UKAS ISO 9001 certification body we are often in contact with customers seeking ISO 9001 certification to improve their current quality management systems and they often ask how long the process takes. Timing depends on the type of business and size and therefore there is no concrete answer. So what processes are the most… Read more »

How ISO 14001 certification helped one business meet the expectations of their global clients

Adare is a leading provider of marketing solutions, specialising in design, product rationalisation, procurement, warehousing and world-wide distribution of marketing goods. Their client portfolio reads like a directory of some of the world’s most recognisable brands. Spotlight on environmental management One of Adare’s most environmentally significant projects has been sourcing a sustainable textile supplier to… Read more »

ISO 9001 certification bodies – one size doesn’t fit all

“All ISO 9001 certification bodies are the same, aren’t they?” This one of the common misconceptions made by organisations who are preparing to certify their quality management system as part of ISO 9001. There are actually notable differences between ISO 9001 certification bodies.  So, there are some really important things to consider when it comes… Read more »

ISO 27001 auditors

How ISO 27001 auditors can help public and private sector organisations minimise information security breaches The most recent Information Commissioner’s annual report reveals that the healthcare sector constitutes the highest number of reported information security breaches. Press stories such as the information security breaches listed below are all too common: Northamptonshire Healthcare Trust sending medical… Read more »

Paper or Online? UKAS ISO 27001 certification body investigates the highest reported information security incidents

So what’s the highest reported information security incident? You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that the majority of information security breaches occur online or are IT related.  Emailing and storing data held in the cloud are commonplace and we hear lots of media coverage about website hacking. According to the latest Annual Report published by… Read more »