ISO 27001 auditors

How ISO 27001 auditors can help public and private sector organisations minimise information security breaches


The most recent Information Commissioner’s annual report reveals that the healthcare sector constitutes the highest number of reported information security breaches.

Press stories such as the information security breaches listed below are all too common:

Northamptonshire Healthcare Trust sending medical records to the wrong patient –

Lost IT equipment and USB memory sticks at NHS Tayside –

The sheer volume of personal data held by hospitals explains why this sector accounts for the lion’s share of reported information security breaches.  Hospital Trusts, however, do still have a duty of care to ensure that to the best of their ability, confidential patient records and information is protected; both on and offline.

Unfortunately, the Public Sector doesn’t fare well when it comes to reported information security breaches. Closely behind Healthcare, Local Government and Education follow in second and third position respectively.

Although public sector organisations may work towards compliance to the ISO 27001 standard, not all instruct ISO 27001 auditors or take the steps to achieve ISO 27001 certification.

As ISO 27001 auditors working with both public and private sector clients, we fully understand the benefits of gaining ISO 27001 certification. Our friendly and approachable team are only a phone call or meeting away, if you want to discuss the benefits of the standard and the steps needed to achieve it. 

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