Benefits of ISO Certification

(to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001)

As an ISO certification body, it’s not really our job to extol the benefits of working to internationally recognised management system standards.  By the time you find us you’re normally convinced it’s the right thing for your organisation.  We’re here to help you verify that you’re working to the standards by auditing you and presenting you with a certificate to demonstrate that.  All with a friendly service at very competitive prices.  But so as to not sidestep the issue, what’re the benefits of certification/registration or whatever you would like to call it?

It’s all about being more efficient, saving costs and making everyone happier.

Happier customers

You’ll provide a better quality and more efficient service.  By building trust and enhancing your reputation, certification can often open up new business avenues.

Happier staff

They’ll have a clearer understanding of what is required of them and how to meet those requirements.  And how what they do contributes to the overall success of the organisation.

Efficiency and Productivity

You’ll be clear about what needs doing and who does what.  Consistent processes will avoid duplication,  quickly identify problems and ways to solve them.  It will also help you identify relevant legislation and ensure you comply with it.


There are many benefits associated with each individual standard too.  We’ll just briefly share a few with you.

ISO 9001 certification (for Quality)

This is the basis for most management systems.  Consequently, its main benefits have been identified with the general benefits referred to earlier.  It’ll also help you continually assess and improve what you do and result in fewer returned products and complaints about your services.

ISO 14001 certification(for the Environment)

Is a systematic way to discover and control the effects your company has on the environment.  It’ll help you detect ways to minimise waste and dispose of it more effectively as well as learning how to use energy more efficiently.  ISO 14001 verifies that you comply with current legislation and makes insurance cover more accessible.

ISO 45001 certification (for Health & Safety)

Will make you more confident about meeting the requirements of Health & Safety legislation.  The setting of targets through a Health and Safety policy, together with the ongoing measurement against it, also ensures a process of continual improvement.  Downtime due to incidents and ill health will be reduced.

ISO 27001 certification (for Information Security)

Demonstrates that you’ve addressed, implemented and controlled the security of all the important information you need to run your business.  It’ll help you safeguard your valuable data and intellectual property and avoid the financial penalties and losses associated with data breaches.   This provides comfort to your customers, employees, trading partners and stakeholders – in the knowledge that your management information and systems are secure.

ISO (the international standards people has some very detailed information about the benefits of certification.  A couple of links we’ve found are:

ISO 9001 –

ISO 14001 –

ISO 45001 –

If you want more information about the benefits of certification you’ll discover a plethora of Internet sites to peruse.

If you’re convinced and would like to find out the best way to move forward, why not contact us?  We’d be delighted to chat with you or respond to any email enquiries.

A common solution for expediting the process towards certification is to employ the services of someone who’s done it all before.  You’ll find more about that on our find an ISO consultant page.

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