If you’re new to the world of certification, you may be confused about the various terms used.  Let’s take ISO 9001 as an example.

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality.  It lists requirements (what you need to do).  If you choose to follow the requirements you’ll need some sort of system to check that you do (called a management system).  By following the requirements you should provide a quality product or service. Sometimes, customers will insist you that you demonstrate you’ve got an effective management system.  The best way to demonstrate this is to have your system externally audited by a third party. Approachable Certification would be pleased to provide you with a free quotation for that.

Following a successful audit you’ll then be awarded an ISO 9001 certificate and can proudly claim ISO 9001 registration or ISO 9001 certification.  Frequently, organisations say they have got ISO 9001 accreditation, but it’s actually the certification body that audits them which holds the accreditation.  So to be precise, they should claim they have got accredited certification to ISO 9001.

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