How ISO 14001 certification helped one business meet the expectations of their global clients

Adare is a leading provider of marketing solutions, specialising in design, product rationalisation, procurement, warehousing and world-wide distribution of marketing goods. Their client portfolio reads like a directory of some of the world’s most recognisable brands.

Spotlight on environmental management

One of Adare’s most environmentally significant projects has been sourcing a sustainable textile supplier to produce branded products, such as t-shirts and baseball caps, for a client who is a leading global FMCG brand. A unique manufacturing process is used by the new supplier, certified by Fair Trade and GRS (Global Recycle Standard). This innovation conserves water, energy and carbon emissions. In a pioneering move in 2015, one part of this global FMCG brand moved their entire textile collection to the new manufacturer.

The major league brands Adare works with aim for the highest standards of environmental management, so they are expected to do the same by obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

What is ISO 14001?

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for environmental management systems. The standard provides practical tools for companies such as Adare, who are looking to manage their environmental responsibilities. ISO 14001 and its supporting standards focus on environmental systems to achieve this. Following these standards helps Adare comply in areas such as environmental law and greenhouse gas emissions recording and reporting.

The path to certification

What was involved during the ISO 14001 certification process? Adare already had an environmental management system in place before they were certified by Approachable Certification. UKAS oversaw the certification audit for ISO 14001 as part of Approachable Certification’s own accreditation.

Approachable Certification’s auditors thoroughly reviewed Adare’s processes and procedures. Their records were inspected and auditors talked to staff. Implementation and operation, resources, roles, responsibility, document control and emergency preparedness are just some of the areas subject to audit.

Feedback means progress

Some opportunities for corrective action and improvement were identified by Approachable Certification during the audit process. Assessment like this is not uncommon with audits and helps companies understand how to achieve and maintain exceptional standards. Adare welcomed the valuable feedback that came out of the audit and were pleased that certification carried on without interruption from their previous certification body.

Results of Adare achieving ISO 14001 certification

Adare now meets the clients’ expectation for them to work to ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems. Staff are much clearer on their individual responsibilities and feel more confident that environmental issues are being monitored and addressed. What’s more, compliance with changing environmental laws is managed efficiently and requests for environmental information are dealt with in a timely manner.

In short, Adare can now fully experience the confidence and credibility that ISO 14001 certification allows in the same way that their big brand clients do.

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