How ISO certification companies can help your small business flourish

Only one of these ‘facts’ is true. Can you guess which one? Buzzers at the ready.

A. Lightning never strikes in the same place twice
B. You’re only ever six feet away from a rat
C. ISO certification companies work with businesses with fewer than 250 employees

It might surprise you to learn that the answer is C. In June 2014, Chicago’s Sears (Willis) Tower was struck by lightning 10 times in the same night. In Venezuela, where the Catatumbo River meets Lake Maracaibo, 28 lightning strikes hit the same lake each minute. As for the rats, assuming you’re standing in an urban area, statistically you’re probably more like 164ft away from that furry friend.

Myth busting

One of the biggest myths about ISO certification companies is that they only work with large businesses. The truth is, ISO standards are designed in such a generic way that their application can suit businesses of every size and type.

Not only that, many of the millions of SMEs in the world today are now becoming registered with ISO standards. These standards include ISO 9001: Quality Management System, and ISO 27001: Information Security Management System. There’s also ISO 14001: Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001: Health & Safety Management System.


ISO standards themselves form the architecture that businesses must work within if they want to become certified. Whatever the shape and size of your business, ISO certification bodies will assess, audit and accredit you as you work towards and maintain the standard.
If you’re a small business owner, the investment in becoming certified might cause you to wonder if it’s really worth the time and money. On the contrary, the implementation of rigorous processes and assessment is arguably even more important when you’re hungry for customer recognition, new contracts and fresh market opportunities.

Audits are especially beneficial for small businesses, acting like golden opportunities to identify your key areas for improvement and act upon these. ISO certification companies will help you foster a culture of ongoing review through their audits. This encourages consistency and evolution within your small business.

New market opportunities

When your potential customers are taking quotes from various different suppliers, ISO certification highlights your credibility. This can help your smaller business become a bigger fish in a large, competitive pond. If you’re not ISO certified, then you might be seen as an unpredictable option. You might be burdening that potential customer with the responsibility of completing their own compliance checks on your work.

In a bid situation, these days it is usually mandatory that you have been audited and accredited by one of the ISO certification companies. It illustrates to potential customers that you’re absolutely committed to providing them with the best customer service you can.

Round-the-world ticket

Want to branch out internationally? ISO certification is recognised in more than 175 countries. This means you’re increasing your potential to work with over one million organisations worldwide who look for ISO certification as a way to authenticate the quality of suppliers and partners. It can really open doors to new opportunities that would otherwise cost a lot in equivalent marketing value.

Happy staff, healthy business

Your staff are the beating heart of your business. ISO certification not only makes you a more attractive supplier, it makes you a better employer too. For example, the processes required for quality certification will also help set employee goals and guide employee performance. Working together towards a shared aim is highly motivating and nourishes team spirit.

ISO certification companies could save you money

Every pound counts, right? The stringency of the ISO certification process can help you uncover the ways in which old processes might have been leaking cost or wasting your time. The ISO certification audit process can act like a filter for any inefficient flow of budget and effort. So, becoming ISO certified might actually save you money in the long run as well as improving your reputation and marketability.

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