Paper or Online? UKAS ISO 27001 certification body investigates the highest reported information security incidents

So what’s the highest reported information security incident? You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that the majority of information security breaches occur online or are IT related.  Emailing and storing data held in the cloud are commonplace and we hear lots of media coverage about website hacking. According to the latest Annual Report published by the Information Commissioner’s Office, however, the type of incident that generates the highest number of reports is actually the loss or theft of paperwork.

Living in a paperless world is still some years off, so how can you minimise the risk of a security breach?

Without clear communication in place regarding information security, your employees may not understand how they should handle paperwork, especially papers containing confidential information or personal details. Companies should deal with the communication issue by implementing an information security management system, designed and developed internally or by an external information security expert. Taking this one step further, organisations looking to demonstrate information security excellence long-term should gain ISO 27001 certification.

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Leading causes of data insecurity (sourced from Information Commissioner's Office - Annual Report)

Leading causes of data insecurity (sourced from Information Commissioner’s Office – Annual Report)