ISO 9001 Certification Body

ISO 9001 Certification BodyAs a UKAS ISO 9001 certification body we are often in contact with customers seeking ISO 9001 certification to improve their current quality management systems and they often ask how long the process takes. Timing depends on the type of business and size and therefore there is no concrete answer. So what processes are the most time consuming then?

In order to become certified by an ISO 9001 certification body, you of course need to take some time to understand the standard and train those staff members who will be involved in the process. In addition, in order to meet the ISO 9001 requirements, your company must then undertake a gap analysis to explore what needs to be done and from then manuals and policies need to be created. It may be time consuming to implement these procedures and make sure that employees are adhering to the requirements, but taking the time out to implement ISO 9001 has been shown to improve sales, customer satisfaction, corporate image and market share. (

Finally, before selecting a suitable ISO 9001 certification body, such as Approachable Certification to audit your company, internal audits must be performed and any non-conformances should be addressed with an action plan to correct them. Depending on the size of the company and other factors, the process can take from up to between 9-12 months. As an ISO 9001 certification body, we would advise customers to spend time implementing these policies as it will help improve quality performance and meeting expectations. If you would like more information about the process and the services offered by Approachable Certification, a UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification body, please get in contact.