Transfer Process

If you’re considering changing your certification body, here are a few tips to help you.

Firstly get a quotation from an alternative certification body.  You may be asked for copies of documents to confirm your certification.  These may include your current certificate and the audit report from your last visit.  Your existing certification body won’t be contacted and you’re under no obligation to transfer your certification once you have received a quote.

If you do decide to change certification bodies, the new body will send you a certificate to replace the old one. They’ll then schedule a visit to you instead of your existing certification body.  This’ll normally be around the date you were already expecting.

You may cancel the certification with your old certification body at any stage during the process.  However, it’s best to discuss the best time to do this with your new supplier.  It’s important that your certification doesn’t lapse.  Conversely, you’ll not be wanting to pay for two concurrent registrations.

The transfer process works well and very smoothly in most cases, especially if all parties are open and honest with their exchanges of information.

To discuss how you may benefit from this move, please contact us or complete our quotation request form.  Approachable Certification will offer you a competitively priced and stress free transfer.

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